A new more upbeat, less wonky focus

September 2022

To save capitalism, we need many more people to be capital owners. Crypto-enabled digital assets could make this a reality.

August 2022

The third part of a series documenting lessons learned from a decade building up the Aging2.0 innovation community

July 2022

The world needs more sustainable economic communities not addiction platforms

June 2022

Hernando de Soto's 2001 book describes offers a way to think about capital that can be relevant to today's community builders
A Harvard Business School reunion inspires and unsettles in equal measure
Rather than just create more broadband, America has a chance to genuinely address its growing digital divide. This will require a systemic…
Lesson 1 laid out the case for a mission as the key to building innovation communities. This post suggests that money - and in particular a sustainable…

May 2022

In the second part of this post, I suggest Web3 can take us from outcomes payments to full paying for impact. This could change the nature of…
Many of the problems plaguing social impact bonds suffered from the problems Web3 was designed to fix
10 lessons learnt from a decade of building Aging2.0 as a global innovation community
How should we think about managing user data, when we're now the owners?