Economies need communities, and vice versa

This site is for those who are committed to building communities that do good for the world and are also economically sustainable and impactful. I’m exploring the frontiers of economies and communities to bring back ideas and frameworks that will hopefully make us all think and potentially become better builders of communities that drive impact.

Our society is facing existential challenges of our own making, and to escape the path we’re on we need to change our economic and social system. For too long, economics has been a dismal game, divorced of human relationships, assuming individuals are self-maximising atomic units. Neoliberal economics emphasises growth and encourages monopolistic value capture while ignoring the externalities that impact us all. Likewise, community has long been the overlooked connective tissue that makes society function. Its absence via increasing inequality and polarisation is keenly felt. We don’t yet have the language, tools and systems to recognise and reward the value that community creates.

The arrival of Web3 could offer new insights and practical tools to coordinate and reward communities. This site will chart my course as I explore the increasing intersection and integration of these two things.

Most content will be available for free, some posts and member benefits (such as podcast interviews and webinars) will be available only to paid subscribers.

This site intends to be a conversation among friends - curious and searching but not dogmatic. I’d welcome you to join me on the journey.

- Stephen Johnston, London / Melbourne, 2022

PS as background, I started Aging2.0 in 2012 and built it to 100+ global Chapters, sold it in 2021, and am now focused on collaborative impact with The Collective and consulting with Fordcastle.